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Dil 繹l羹rse bir 羹lke 繹l羹r

Dil insan yaam覺nda kendini ifade etme anlam覺nda 癟ok 繹nemlidir. Dil salt bir iletiim arac覺 deil, ayn覺 zamanda yaam覺n ger癟eklerine ulamada 繹nemli bir aktar覺m arac覺d覺r. Dil canl覺 bir varl覺k olduu i癟in kullan覺ld覺覺 s羹rece yayg覺nla覺r ve geliir. Yasaklanan ve kullan覺lmayan diller ise kaybolmaya mahkumdur. Dil 繹l羹rse bir k羹lt羹r 繹l羹r, gelenek 繹l羹r, insan 繹l羹r nihayetinde yaad覺klar覺 羹lkede insanl覺k 繹l羹r. O 羹lkede insanl覺k ad覺na yaanacak b羹t羹n g羹zellikler 繹l羹r.

Photo: Zeynep Tozduman

襤zmirde 9 Eyl羹l 1922, tek tip癟iliin tarihidir

襤zmir襤zmir; 1922 繹ncesi T羹rk, Rum, Ermeni, Yahudi ve Avrupal覺lardan ( Flemenkler, 襤talyanlar, Frans覺zlar ve 襤ngilizlerden oluan 17.ve. 18. y羹zy覺lda Ticaret i癟in 襤zmir'e yerleen Levanten ad覺 verilen kesimdir ) oluan 癟ok dilli, 癟ok k羹lt羹rl羹, 癟ok medeniyetli bir kentin ad覺yd覺.

Photo: Feyyaz Kerimo

1915 S羹ryani toplumunun gelecek umudunu yok etti

襤sve癟'te yaayan yazar ve 繹retmen Feyyaz Kerimo'ya g繹re bug羹n g羹癟s羹zletirilmi ve par癟alara ayr覺lm覺 S羹ryani kimliinde 1915 soyk覺r覺m覺n覺n geri d繹n羹lmez etkileri oldu. Irak ve Suriye'deki son gelimeler yeni g繹癟 dalgalar覺na yol a癟arken T羹rkiye'ye geri d繹n羹 fikri diaspora'da b羹y羹yen yeni kuaklar i癟in 癟ok uzak.

1915 destroyed the hope of Assyrian society for the future

According to Feyyaz Kerimo, writer and teacher living in Sweden, the 1915 genocide had irrevocable effects on Assyrian identity which is made weaker and fell apart today. While, last events occurred in Iraq and Syria caused new immigration waves, an idea to return to Turkey is far away for new generations who were born and grown up in diaspora.

Evlatlar覺n覺 yasak ninnilerle b羹y羹ten, a覺tlarla g繹men halklar覺n corafyas覺

Buras覺 Orta Dou... Buras覺 Irak, Suriye, T羹rkiye... Buras覺 evlatlar覺n覺 katliamlar y羹z羹nden, yasak ninnilerle b羹y羹ten, a覺tlarla g繹menlerin corafyas覺d覺r. Buras覺 yetimlerin, 繹ks羹zlerin anayurdudur. Buras覺 襤slam corafyas覺... Ac覺 ve h羹z羹nle 繹r羹len bir yaam覺n, hayat覺n sarma覺覺na tutunanlar覺n 羹lkesidir.

Does the American Government Care About the Assyrians of Iraq?

(AINA) -- The heart-wrenching fate of Assyrian Christians in Iraq haunts every corner of my being. I well up over the image of fright in the tearful eye of a child next to the lifeless body of his mother. But the silent photos capturing a millisecond in the timeline of a genocide don't do justice to the horror of the calamity. The stories behind the still pictures must be even more horrific.

1915 Soyk覺r覺m s羹reci ve direniler

Bu corafya H覺ristiyanlar覺n覺n 癟ilesi, 7. Y羹zy覺ldan itibaren 襤slam ak覺nlar覺yla birlikte younlaarak artarak Soyk覺r覺mla sonu癟lan覺r. Bu corafyan覺n H覺ristiyan unsurlar覺 zor, bask覺, iddet, katliamlarla ve Soyk覺r覺ma urat覺larak kadim topraklar覺ndan kaz覺nm覺lard覺r.

Assyrians Commemorate 99 years after tragic Genocide with freedom hike at Runyon Canyon

LOS ANGELES- Today, Assyrian Genocide and Research Center, Seyfo Center, joins Assyrians and advocates of human and social rights all over the world in commemorating the tragic events that took place during the Assyrian Genocide in 1915. Assyrians recognize the genocide every year on August 7th as a day to remember those who were killed and honor those who sacrificed their lives for others.

襤襤D lanetlenmeli!

Ortadounun kadim Ezidi toplumuna y繹nelik, 襤襤D tarf覺ndan yap覺lan al癟ak癟a y繹nelimi k覺n覺yor, lanetliyoruz! Ortadounun kadim inan癟lar覺ndan birini temsil eden Ezidiler, B繹lgenin g羹zel renklerinden birini temsil etmekteler.

Assyrians Demonstrate Worldwide Against ISIS Persecution

In all the demonstrations, the people wore a white shirt emblazoned with a red Arabic letter "noon", which stands for the Arabic word for Christian (nasrani). Two weeks ago ISIS marked all Christian homes and institutions in Mosul with this letter to identify them as Christian, and wrote "property of the Islamic State" on most of them (AINA 2014-07-19). In Sydney over 6000 thousand people attended the demonstration.


Who are the Assyrians and what are the Nineveh Plains?

The Iraq conflict is covered by most of the world's media and the Assyrians are mentioned frequently alongside the Kurds and Arabs. Whilst they are neither Kurd nor Arab, the Assyrians are nevertheless a crucial part of Iraq's history as a distinct ethnic group in their own right.

I am a 14-year-old Yazidi girl given as a gift to an ISIS commander. Heres how I escaped.

This is the story told to me by a 14-year-old Yazidi girl Ill call Narin, currently staying in northern Iraqi Kurdistan. I am a Kurdish reporter with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia who covers northern Iraq as a freelancer for

1915 destroyed the hope of Assyrian society for the future

According to Feyyaz Kerimo, writer and teacher living in Sweden, the 1915 genocide had irrevocable effects on Assyrian identity which is made weaker and fell apart today. While, last events occurred in Iraq and Syria caused new immigration waves, an idea to return to Turkey is far away for new generations who were born and grown up in diaspora.

Reinfeldt 瓣ndrar sig om folkmord

D疇lig tajming att erk瓣nna h瓣ndelserna 1915 som ett turkiskt folkmord, Statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt har 瓣ndrat sig. Att erk瓣nna h瓣ndelserna i det Osmanska riket 1915 som folkmord var inte r瓣tt, 瓣ven om han sa det i en intervju f繹r fyra 疇r sedan. Mycket har 瓣ndrats sedan dess, s瓣ger han till Aftonbladet.

"Pemergeler silahlar覺m覺z覺 toplad覺, I襤D sald覺rd覺"

Kavurucu yaz s覺ca覺n覺n Cizre'yi alev alev yakt覺覺 erken bir kuluk vakti gidiyoruz tarihin en talihsiz halklar覺ndan biri olan 'Ezidilerin kald覺klar覺 kampa.

I watched the Rwandan genocide unfold. Were making the same mistakes in Iraq.

In 1994, I was tasked with stopping a genocide waged, in part, by children and youth. At the time, I was the United Nations Force Commander for the UN Assistance Mission to Rwanda. My opponents, the Interahamwe,were highly organized in their recruitment and training of youth, well before the killing began. I saw firsthand the way they used children, some as young as 13, to commit horrific acts. The experience of facing a child soldier from the barrel of a gun left me questioning the worlds very moral fabric.

Armenians and Assyrians Team Up to Condemn Attacks on Communities in Middle East

NEW YORK, N.Y.Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region (ANCA ER) activists joined with leaders of the Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac communities to rally international support for ending targeted attacks against their brethren in Iraq and Syria during a peaceful protest held in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

What Would Jesus Say?

I recently published an Op-Ed in Fox News about the Assyrians' struggle for protections and why I saw myself forced to start a worldwide Campaign called #demandforaction.

Assyrian Christians protest in Sydney city against silent genocide taking place in Iraq and Syria

MORE than 6000 Assyrians marched through the city today in protest against the treament of fellow Christians in Iraq and Syria. Thoausands packed into Belmore Park from about 10am, where several community leaders made speeches calling on the Australian and other international governments to step in to help those being persecuted overseas.

R羹zgar Ate Gibi Yak覺yordu

R羹zgar Ate Gibi Yak覺yordu Metin Akta覺n roman覺. Roman, 襤slamda, D繹rt Halife d繹neminde ve Emevi h羹k羹mdarl覺覺 d繹neminde ge癟en baz覺 olaylar覺, ilikileri dile getiriyor. (Metin Akta, R羹zgar Ate Gibi Yak覺yordu, Fam Yay覺nlar覺, 襤stanbul Mart 2014) Olaylar, bir k繹lenin, had覺mlat覺r覺lm覺 bir k繹lenin az覺ndan anlat覺l覺yor. Olaylar, ilikiler, k繹le Arad覺n, had覺mlat覺r覺lm覺 Aradin ba覺ndan ge癟enler olarak dile getiriliyor.

Newly Elected Assyrian Patriarch Wants to Commemorate Genocide Centennial

Damascus (AINA) -- The synod of the Assyrian Orthodox Church made a surprising decision on May 30th to form a committee to prepare for the commemoration of the centennial of the 1915 Turkish genocide of Assyrians. The decision came as the newly elected Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II held his first meeting with the bishops of the church in Damascus.

The Road from Diyarbakir: A Call to Deepen Kurdish Commitment to Genocide Justice

BERLIN, Germany (A.W.)On May 10, a conference on The 1915 Genocide: Collective Responsibility and Roles; Kurdish, Armenian, Assyrian Relations was held in Berlin. It brought together two generations of Kurdish intellectuals to discuss inter-communal relations before and after the genocide and the responsibilities of Kurds in the process and conciliation and making amends. Armenian Weekly Editor Khatchig Mouradian delivered the following speech, in Turkish, calling on Kurdish opinion-makers and politicians to expand and deepen their role in bringing justice to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Seyfo Center'in 1915 Soyk覺r覺m覺 konferans覺na mesaj覺

Gelawej/ 10 May覺s 2014 g羹n羹 Berlin'de yap覺lan "1915 soyk覺r覺m覺, Toplumsal Sorumluluklar ve Roller; K羹rt, Armeni, Asur羹-S羹ryani 襤likileri" konferans覺na Merkezi Stocholm'de bulunan Seyfo Center ad覺na Fehmli Barkarmo bir mesaj g繹nderdi. Barkarmo, mesaj覺nda "Soyk覺r覺mla y羹zleme, T羹rk Devletinin sorumuluu olduu kadar K羹rt Hareketinin de 繹nde gelen sorumluluklar覺ndan biridir." g繹r羹羹n羹 dile getirdi.

Seyfo'nun laneti

Midyat-Arnas (Balarba覺) k繹y羹, k繹y羹m羹z H礙trek'ten (Ortaca) 8 kilometre mesafededir. 1915 Temmuz ba覺nda Arnas'a komu olan Selh礙 (Bar覺tepe) k繹y羹ndeki S羹ryaniler, asker ve K羹rt k繹yl羹ler taraf覺ndan evlerinde katledilir. Arnas'ta K羹rtlerle beraber yaayan 70 S羹ryani aile Selh礙'nin ak覺betini 繹renip Midyat y繹n羹nden gelen silah seslerini iittiklerinde ta覺yabildikleri ne varsa al覺p k繹yden ka癟maya 癟al覺覺r. Ka癟amay覺p k繹yde kalan S羹ryaniler K羹rt k繹yl羹lerce katledilir.

Berlin'de 1915 Soyk覺r覺m覺 ve K羹rt, Ermeni, Asuri-S羹ryani 襤likileri Konfens覺 yap覺ld覺

10 May覺s 2014 Cumartesi g羹n羹 Berlin K羹lt羹rler At繹lyesi konferans salonunda 1915 so...yk覺r覺m覺n覺n, K羹rdistan toplumunun ayd覺n ve politikac覺lar覺 taraf覺ndan nas覺l g繹r羹ld羹羹, yaanan Soyk覺r覺mdaki sorumluluklar ve birlikte yaanan ilikiler tart覺覺ld覺. Berlin KOMKAR , IKMG (Le Monde Diplomatique Kurd簾 yay覺n firmas覺) , Dr. Bilgin Ayata , Recep ve Nuran Maral覺 taraf覺ndan organize edilen Konferansa konumac覺 olarak Abut Can, Dr.Bilgin Ayata, Hovsep Hayreni, Erdem zg羹l, Recep Maral覺, Ali Haydar Ko癟, Nilay zok-G羹ndoan, R羶ken eng羹l ve Yavuz Aykan kat覺ld覺lar. Konferansa Armenian Weekly Dergisinin edit繹r羹 ve ABD Clark niversitesinden Khatchig Mouradian ile Merkezi 襤sve癟 Stocholm'de bulunan Seyfo Center ad覺na Fehmi Barkarmo ve Le Monde Diplomatique Kurd簾 birer mesaj g繹nderdiler.

Recognising Genocide

Unlike the Armenians and the Assyrians, who did not have a state at the time the Christian Genocide in Anatolia was committed, the Greeks not only had such a state but also landed an army in Asia Minor in order to police the zone of Smyrna, given to them for administration by the Allies after the First World War.

Abraham Staifo: Turkiet m疇ste erk瓣nna folkmord

Hundra疇rsminnet av brotten mot de kristna minoriteterna i det ottomanska riket kommer inte att g疇 obem瓣rkt f繹rbi. Det har nu g疇tt 99 疇r sedan startskottet f繹r ett av de v瓣rsta folkbrotten i modern tid. Folkmordet p疇 de kristna minoriteterna, armenier, assyrier och pontiska greker i det ottomanska riket, det som idag 瓣r Turkiet. Utrensningarna b繹rjade med arresteringar och senare avr瓣ttningar av intellektuella armenier den 24 april 1915. D瓣rf繹r har den dagen blivit en symbol f繹r alla de som fortfarande k瓣mpar f繹r uppr瓣ttelse, f繹r de runt 1,5 miljoner m瓣nniskor som f繹ll offer.

1915'i Soyk覺r覺m Olarak 襤lk nce Osmanl覺 Devleti Tan覺d覺/Dr.Arsen Avegyan

Tarih doktoru olan Arsen Avegyan,bir s羹redir Babakanl覺k Arivi'nde 癟al覺覺yor.Avegyan,Mustafa Kemal'in su癟lad覺覺 襤ttihat癟覺lar'a T羹rkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin sahip 癟覺kmas覺ndaki mant覺覺 anlayamad覺覺n覺 s繹yl羹yor.襤ki 羹lke ilikilerinin normallemesi i癟in Avegyan'覺n 繹nerisi,s覺n覺r覺n a癟覺lmas覺 ve diplomatik iliki kurulmas覺.

Erivanda S羹ryani Soyk覺r覺m an覺t覺na ziyaret

Ermeni Soyk覺r覺m覺n覺n 99. y覺ld繹n羹m羹 t繹renlerine kat覺lmak i癟in ABDEM (Avrupa Bar覺 ve Demokrasi Meclisi) taraf覺ndan, Avrupa Ezilen G繹癟menler Konfederasyonu Ebakan覺 afak Arabac覺, Avrupa Alevi Birlikleri Konfederasyonu Y繹netim Kurulu 羹yesi Ali Ekber Pekta, YEKKOM Ebakan覺 Y羹ksel Ko癟, ABDEM Ebakan覺 Rojda Y覺ld覺r覺m, ve Nor Zartork ad覺na Alexis Kalk ve Sayat Tekirin kat覺l覺m覺yla oluturulan heyet, Erivandaki temaslar覺n覺 s羹rd羹rd羹.

Dedeler, torunlar, Bizim Ermeniler ve lobiler

zge 襤spir, Ermeni Soyk覺r覺m覺yla ilgili ink璽r habitusunu ailesinin hik璽yesini hat覺rlatarak k覺r覺yor: Saklad覺k-kurtard覺k masal覺, Ermeni Soyk覺r覺m覺n覺n su癟 olduunu anlayan ve nas覺l bir vahet olduunu idrak eden sonraki jenerasyonun masal覺yd覺

She Survived the Turkish Genocide, But Lost Her Assyrian Identity

(AINA) -- In 1974, at the height of the Kurdish insurrection in north Iraq, a woman knocked on the door of a house in the Assyrian quarter of Kirkuk. The owner of the house, Michael, opened the door and saw an elderly Kurdish woman.

Sabri Atman on Persian Radio about Seyfo

塈 堭塈 塈堬 塈 堿塈 堹塈堹 琠堹 堻塈 奡塈堹塈堭 媢堭塈 堻堛. 堥堭痧 堬堹 堻堛 堛塈堻塈 堛塈堻塈 堥塈 塈堥 塈堬 堮堥堭塈 堹堭堹塈琠 塈 堛 堥痧 塈堿媢堥塈堭 堻 椈堿 堻塈 堭 堭堬奡 琠 塈堿媢 塈堻塈 堭堮 堹塈堹 堻 椈堿 堻塈 琠 堭 塈堿媢. 堥 堛 堛 堭 堻堭塈媞 堮堥堭塈 堛塈 琠 痧堸奡堛: 堭堶塈 堮塈堻堛塈堭 琠琠 堭 塈堛婺塈 堥堭塈 塈堿堭塈 塈堛媯塈堹 塈堛 奡堹. 痧塈堥堭 痧塈堭堻塈 塈堭琠堬 堭堬塈痧塈堭 堻堹 堻堻塈堻堛 琠堥塈 堮塈 奡塈琠塈堭 竄媯堹 堻塈 堛塈罈 椈堻


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