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  • Ein Meilenstein im Seyfo

    Ein Meilenstein im Seyfo

    Im Assryrischen Mesopotamien Verein Gütersloh fand am 13.06.09 ein Vortrag des geschätzten Referenten Sabri Atman statt. Das Hauptthema befasste sich mit dem Erhalt des Grundbesitzes im Südosten der Türkei im Namen von Berzan Boti an Seyfo Center.

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  • A Kurdish intellectual’s historic honorary action

    A Kurdish intellectual Mr Behzat Bilek, known with his actual Kurdish name as Berzan Boti, has officially transferred his estate that was inherited to him from his grandfather. Realizing that this estate was confiscated as a result of the genocide carried against all Christians during WWI, in the late Ottoman Empire and that his grandfather was one of the perpetrators, he decided to return it to its actual owners of the land namely the Assyrians (also known as Chaldean, Suryoyeh / Surayeh), to one of their organization called the

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  • Turkish Hackers Facilitate Assyrian Book Sales

    Turkish Hackers Facilitate Assyrian Book Sales

    In the early part of the 20th century, the Ottoman government carried out a deliberate and systematic mass ethnic cleansing of its Christian inhabitants, namely the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks. The proclamation of a fatwa for jihad against the Christians in Turkey quickly spread to northwestern Persia, in the densely Assyrian populated region of Urmia (Urmi). From 1914 to 1918, two-thirds of the Assyrian population perished in a genocide that has remained cloaked under a shroud of secrecy. However, the anonymous Assyrian Genocide's staggering losses of 750,000 souls remains ever present in the remembrances of a nation that has vowed to never forget.

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