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  • Political intrigue

    Political intrigue

    THE West's posturing sanctimony against Israel over the Gaza aid flotilla incident demonstrates political intrigue at its lowest ebb. Both Greg Sheridan ("A huge win for Hamas and a blow to Israel", World, 5-6/6) and Robert L. Pollock ("Turkey's demagogues a threat to hopes for peace in the Middle East") lay bare the duplicity of the Turkish government in this unhappy turn of events.

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  • Why the Reaction to the Assyrian Genocide Monument Matters

    Why the Reaction to the Assyrian Genocide Monument Matters

    The construction of a memorial to the Assyrian victims of the Turkish genocide in the quiet Sydney suburb of Fairfield has had widespread ramifications, with the usual suspects parading their dubious and shop-worn catalogue of shabby denials. The Turkish Ambassador says local councils have no business interpreting history, a remarkable statement considering his country makes it state policy to punish anyone who dares to state that the genocide occurred. One presumes that if, say, Gallipoli Town Council was to put up a memorial to Turkish victims of the Allied invasion of 1915, it would attract the same opprobrium.

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