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  • California Recognizes Assyrian Genocide

    California Recognizes Assyrian Genocide

    By Carmen Morad (AINA) — Sabri Atman, the founder, and the director of the Assyrian Genocide and Research Center, was invited to attend the 103rd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Remembrance at the California State Assembly in Sacramento California on April 23, 2018. Assembly Joint Resolution No. 37 was introduced by Assembly Member […]

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  • The Assyrian Patriarch Mar Binyamin

    The Assyrian Patriarch Mar Binyamin

    Assyrians and Two World Wars Translated by Raman Michael from the book Aturayi w-tre plashi tiwilayeh (Assyrians and Two World Wars), by Yacoub Bar Malik Ismael of Upper Tyar; published by Sita Sapreta d-Alaymi Aturayi (Assyrian Students’ Literary Committee); Tehran, 1964. An account of the invitation of His Holiness the Patriarch Mar […]

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  • Saroyan’s Seventy Thousand Assyrians

    Saroyan’s Seventy Thousand Assyrians

    By Ann-Margret (Maggie) Yonan William Saroyan was an award-winning American writer and play-write whose books and plays have been translated in nearly every major language. Most recently, a group of Armenian publishers, (Ohannes Kilicdagi, Aziz Gokdemir, and Arman Artuc, “Aras Publishing”) in Istanbul Turkey, published one of his most famous […]

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  • Turkey’s Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged

    Turkey’s Violation of Human Rights Must Be Challenged

    By Sabri Atman (AINA) — When speaking about the Ottoman Empire and Turkey today, it is not their contribution to civilization that comes to mind. Instead, it is human rights violations, confiscation of land and property, genocide and genocide denials that are most frequently discussed in the public discourse. Today’s […]

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  • Be part of our history- Your support is needed

    Be part of our history- Your support is needed

    Dear Friends, As many of you know, Seyfo Center has been working diligently and tirelessly towards the international recognition of the Genocide and ethnic cleansing committed against the Assyrians (also known as the Syriacs and Chaldeans), which is still going on. In our attempt to raise awareness for the Assyrian […]

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