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  • We need everyone’s support on this now!

    We need everyone’s support on this now!

    Please sign and share this petition calling on our local state officials to support this resolution! Magnificent strides are being made towards genocide recognition by the Assyrians of USA. And we need everyone’s help!  SJR0021 (Senate Joint Resolution 21) has been introduced on 3/3/21 by Senator Ram Villivalam (D-08) and Representative Jennifer […]

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  • An Assyrian genocide monument in Phoenix, AZ?

    An Assyrian genocide monument in Phoenix, AZ?

    The Assyrians, including but not limited to all who identify themselves as Assyrian, Chaldean, and/or Syriac, are an ethnic group whose origins trace back to the ancient Assyrian Empire. The heartland of the Assyrian Empire today consists of northern Iraq, southeastern Turkey, alongwith parts of Syria, and Iran. The Assyrians […]

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  • Missing Relatives

    Missing Relatives

    The Assyrian Genocide Remains an Open Wound and Many People are Still Looking for Their Missing Relatives By Lily Malek The following letter is one of those letters that we receive from all corners of the world: My name is Lily Malek, daughter of Axenia Bejan. I am looking for […]

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  • “The Smiling Whale” by Ilana Gur in the Old City of Yafo (Jaffa).

    The Model of the Prophet Jonah

    The Model of the Prophet Jonah The Ancient Israeli Ambassador to the Land of Assyria Dr. Yaacov Maoz In 1985, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality erected a statue by Ilana Gur “The Smiling Whale” near the port of the Old City of Yafo (Jaffa). Since then, the whale statue has become […]

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    Bu diller şimdilik Almanca, İngilizce, İspanyolca, İtalyanca, Farsça, Rusça, Fransızca, Arapça, İsveççe, Yunanca, Süryanice, Batı Ermenicesi, Doğu Ermenicesi, Hollandaca, Kürtçe ve Sırpçadır. Bu dillerin daha da artacağına inanıyorum. Sevgili okurlarım, değerli arkadaşlarım, sizlere yeri ve zamanı geldikçe yazarlık hayatımla ilgili bilgiler vermek, mutluluğumu sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum. Bugüne kadar toplam 30 […]

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  • Abdulmesih BarAbraham

    Remembering the 1933 Massacre of Assyrians in Iraq

    By Abdulmesih BarAbraham (AINA) — On the 87th anniversary of the massacre of Simmele, where the Iraqi Army systematically massacred the inhabitants of more than one hundred Assyrian villages in north Iraq, Joseph Yacoub, honorary Professor of political science at the Catholic University of Lyon, published an article in French […]

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